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    Vienese Piano Evening

    Vienese Piano Evening

    Among the ornate Baroque walls of St Peter’s Church in the heart of Vienna, some of the most beautiful piano music is waiting to be heard! The Viennese Piano Evening has a programme of remarkable quality and diversity. In this magical atmosphere, you can hear some of the pieces that helped make the fortepiano famous and beloved throughout the centuries. With major piano works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt, this is a classical evening in Vienna well worth remembering.

    In the special atmosphere of St Peter’s crypt, a gorgeous Steinway grand piano awaits the capable touch of the pianist’s hands. From it, the cascade of tones and playful melodies characteristic of Mozart’s sonatas will pour out. For good measure, the stern gravity and aristocratic flair of Beethoven’s piano works will bring the mood down. The inventive impromptus of Schubert, well-known and at the same time always fresh and surprising, will keep you on the edge of your seat. Without a doubt, the highly technical and majestic polyphonies of Liszt will hold your attention with a laser-like focus, to the last note. Together, these four composers did immense work to push the boundaries of the piano as an instrument and a tool of musical expression. The Viennese Piano Evening pays a special homage to all of them.

    There are fewer places better suited to host this celebration of the piano than St Peter’s Church in Vienna’s august First District. The holy temple’s history goes back to Antiquity, and its Christian roots lead back to Charlemagne, according to various accounts. St Peter’s took its present architectural form in 1733. In the narrow streets of the Austrian capital’s historic centre, it may be hard to notice it at first, but the church’s presence is indelible once you stand before it. A venue of such rich and longstanding tradition is the perfect spot to honour the four masters of piano composition.

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