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Trumpets in Concert - A very special Christmas

Trumpets in Concert - A very special Christmas

To be held in Vienna over several dates in December, 'Trumpets in Concert – A Very Special Christmas' makes for an ideal musical prelude to the holiday season. With soaring brass instruments playing in splendid harmony, what could be more evocative of a festive Christmas? Performed in the Minoritenkirche, a church which was constructed in the Gothic style, the concert will be the perfect starting point for any music fan to begin celebrating Advent.

This superb series of concerts began in 1997 under the auspices of Leonhard Leeb and it has gone on to earn a well-deserved international reputation for superbly performed music in a heavenly setting. The performance comprises a well thought-out selection of baroque Christmas music, spirituals and popular Christmas songs, too. The repertoire featured makes for an exceptionally pleasant evening, full of the festive side of Christmas with good cheer and merriment abounding.

The ensemble consists of five musicians – three trumpets, one playing an organ and a keyboard and the last one playing percussion and timbal – and the arrangements are designed to create a special atmospheric feeling that evokes both the spiritual and fun sides of Christmas. The musicality of the members of the classical ensemble not only allows them to perform with a strong and confident tone, heralding the arrival of Yuletide, but also with quieter and more sensitive tonality, that evokes the arrival of Christ as a newborn.

Along with the Christmassy music that will be performed, the festive spirit is kept up by superbly decorated church, creating the ideal setting. With music drawn from such famous composers as Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Händel, as well as popular songwriters and arrangers like Felix Bernard and Percy Faith, this is a concert no fan of music – or of Christmas – should miss out on.


Trumpets: Leonhard Leeb, Gernot Kahofer, Manuel Lichtenwöhrer
Organ & Keyboard: Bernhard Macheiner
Percussion & Timbal: Thomas Mair

Extract of the programme:

  • Georg F. Händel
    • Tochter Zion, freue dich! aus Judas Maccabäus
  • Antonio Vivaldi
    • Allegro aus dem Concerto Per Due Trombe C-Dur
  • Traditional / Pachelbel
    • The First Noel / Pachelbel’s Canon                 
  • Fred J. Coot
    • Santa Claus Is Comin‘ To Town                      
  • Elvis Presley
    • Blue Christmas                                  
  • Felix Bernard
    • Winter Wonderland                                                    
  • Turmblasen
    • Hirtenlieder und Weihnachtliche Weisen
  • Percy Faith
    • Brazilian Sleighbells

image Trumpets in concert / Lucas Beck