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    Lukács / Lidberg / Duato

    Lukács / Lidberg / Duato

    Vienna is a city with deep roots in ballet, and the Vienna State Opera proves this fact once more with its triple feature Lukács | Lidberg | Duato. The three choreographers have very different national and professional backgrounds, and their styles are also considerably different. The quality of their movement experimentations and the indubitable inspiration behind their creative visions, though each unique, are the glue that holds the evening together and delivers a rare view of the diversity that modern ballet has to offer.

    The performance begins with ‘Movements to Stravinsky’ by András Lukács, a relatively new work that was premiered at Volkskoper Wien in 2017. As its title suggests, this ballet piece relies on the music of the great Igor Stravinsky and includes famous outtakes from Apollo, Pulcinella and others. Lukács embraces the neo-classical ballet form and lets the talented dance ensemble show their skills, both with regular solo numbers and as a group.

    Next comes ‘Between Dogs and Wolves’ by Pontus Lidberg, who first gained fame with the dance movie The Rain. The work was especially commissioned by the Vienna State Opera and is the choreographer’s first creation to grace its famous stage. The music is courtesy of Max Richter whose unique blend of neo-classical and popular styles has earned him international recognition. This performance is also the first collaboration between Lidberg and Richter and makes the anticipation even greater.

    The evening concludes with the poignant ‘White Darkness’ by Nacho Duato, a modern ballet hailed as a masterpiece and a pinnacle in artistic dance expression. Moved deeply by the untimely death of his sister, the choreographer presents a story about a disillusioned heroine whose broken heart pushes her into the darkness of substance abuse and self-destruction. With a topic as serious as that and with Duato’s expressive choreography, ‘White Darkness’ tugs at the heartstrings with every step.

    Lukács | Lidberg | Duato at Wiener Staatsoper is a celebration of ballet diversity and storytelling through movement. Three star choreographers and three special themes combine into an unforgettable experience.

    image Vienna State Opera / A&A Tickets Online / Julius Silver