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Wiener Ensemble

Wiener Ensemble

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vienna share a special bond. Even though Salzburg takes great pride in being the composer’s place of birth, he reached a creative peak in the Austrian capital. Many of his opera masterpieces, such as The Marriage of Figaro, The Abduction from the Seraglio, or The Magic Flute, had their inaugural performances in Vienna, and venues such as the Burgtheater and the Theater auf der Wieden would welcome the maestro’s work. The Wiener Ensemble offers a special celebration of Mozart’s Vienna connection. The concert with a special selection of his most beloved works takes place in the vaults of ‘Mozarthaus Vienna’ – one of the composer’s former dwellings in the then-imperial capital. On top of the enchanting musical performance, you can also visit Mozart’s private apartment several levels up and get a first-hand glimpse into the life he led there.

As you arrive at Mozarthaus Vienna in the heart of Old Town, you will surely notice its unique architectural style. The basement, which was converted to a performance venue in the early 2000’s, stands out with its opulent Baroque embellishments and fantastic acoustics. Mozart was a tenant here from 1784 to 1787, and it is the only Viennese residence of his that survived relatively intact into modern times. At regular intervals, coinciding with anniversaries of Mozart’s birth, the City of Vienna renovates and expands the museum space in order to keep the memory of the composer alive and let hundreds of thousands of visitors peek into his daily life each year.

In the unique historical atmosphere of Mozarthaus Vienna, the Wiener Ensemble’s interpretations of Mozart’s music come to life in a truly special way. The selection spans the composer’s entire catalogue and includes both all-time favourites and some ‘deep cuts’ to keep the programme entertaining and exciting. A tour of the composer’s private apartment, now a museum with international fame, and a concert of classical music rolled into one exciting package to make your visit to Vienna memorable!

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