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Mozart’s Piano Sonatas

Mozart’s Piano Sonatas

The spontaneity and apparent lightness of Mozart’s work has left generations of music lovers in the belief that this is due to the ease with which Mozart composed. And his works do indeed seem to have been composed almost effortlessly.
Yet in reality, Mozart’s true talent is that every single note he wrote is an expression of his tenderness and love. This love, which sends a powerful message, dominated his thinking and is reflected in the imagery he uses and his creativity. This explains why it is so difficult to interpret Mozart’s music; technical skill alone is not enough.

The crypt of the beautiful baroque church of St. Peter in the centre of Vienna provides a unique setting for internationally renowned musicians to reinterpret the piano sonatas Mozart composed between 1773 and 1789.
These solo piano concerts are an aesthetic pleasure for anyone with an appreciation of Mozart's work and at the same time take the listener back through time for a very personal encounter with the unique genius.

image Steinway in Austria