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If you are planning a trip to Vienna, Austria, your stay is not complete without taking in an opera or another of the performing arts. Vienna Opera Tickets is your source for tickets for all the best operas and classical concerts in Vienna – including operas, operettas, ballet performances, concert and dinner packages, and special events in Vienna.

You can sort our listings by premieres and recommended performances, or to click on the full schedule to find out the events for a given date . You can also click the title of each performance to learn more about each piece - such as its composer, plot, performers, conductor and other information about the program.

When you buy tickets to Vienna performances through Vienna Opera Tickets, you will also have the opportunity to purchase other kinds of ticket packages. For example, An Evening in Schoenbrunn provides everything you need for a perfect evening in Vienna: A Schoenbrunn Palace tour, dinner at the Café-Restaurant Residenz (on the palace grounds) and a concert at the Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery – a beautiful baroque hall that was the setting for opulent festivities in the time of the Austrian royalty, and which UNESCO declared a World Heritage site. You will enjoy a fine performance by the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra, accompanied by vocalists and ballet dancers.

Or you could choose another ticket package from Vienna Opera Tickets - such as the Austrian Dinner Show or the “Sisi’s Treasures” package, which includes some Vienna museums, dinner and a concert. You will learn about Viennese art, culture and architecture while you enjoy the city’s sumptuous food, luxurious surroundings and unforgettable music.

And depending on what time of year you will be visiting, you may be able to attend one of the many special events in Vienna. Check the Special Events section to see which balls, galas and other performances are scheduled during your visit to Vienna.

Whichever opera tickets or Vienna ticket package you choose, Vienna Opera Tickets helps you ensure that you fully enjoy the art, culture, music and Old World elegance of the city of Vienna. Choose your Vienna adventure and prepare for the vacation experience of a lifetime.