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    Carmina Burana, Music by Carl Orff

    Carmina Burana, Music by Carl Orff

    Audiences will be delighted and thrilled to enjoy a stunning evening of ballet that brings three completely reinvented classical pieces to the Volksoper Vienna stage. Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Maurice Ravel's Bolero and Claude Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun have all been completely reimagined for the 21st century by three talented present day choreographers.

    Vesna Orlic perfectly captures the passion and beauty of Orff's 1936 masterpiece about Fortune's wheel. Although Carmina Burana is most commonly found in its concert form, this production sees 24 graceful and talented dancers harnessing the power and energy of the score in a beautiful personal interpretation of the music. Featuring an 80 strong choir, innocent children's chorus and stunning solo singers, audiences will be taken to new emotional heights through Orlic's engaging and creative choreography that perfectly captures the essence of the passionate score.

    Ravel's Bolero is also more traditionally found in the concert hall environment today and will forever be linked to Torvill and Dean's 1984 Olympic ice skating success. András Lukács seizes the opportunity to explore the expressive score with a vibrant and powerful performance that reveals its passion through minimalistic movement. Featuring 20 dancers, 10 male and 10 female, each dressed identically, Lukács embraces the monumental nature of the score through stylised choreography culminating in a throbbing crescendo.

    Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun has been described as the gateway to 20th century music. Composed in the late 19th century this sensual piece reflects on a Faun's romantic encounters. Boris Nebyla bravely and successfully embraces the sexuality of the movement using a dramatic backlit stage and flesh coloured costumes to tastefully highlight the romantic nature of the music in an elegantly and stylishly choreographed performance. Combining the best of classical ballet with more modern and contemporary movement styles, the true identity of the piece is brought to the fore.

    Do not miss out on the opportunity to witness these three spectacular performances on the Volksoper Vienna stage. Creatively and flawlessly reworked for 21st century audiences, these three talented and skilful choreographers bring audiences engaging and stunning performances of works that are rarely seen in their balletic form.

    image Carmina Burana / Wiener Staatsballett / Elisabeth Bolius